Funding Request

The Nativity Knights of Columbus council has established a funding committee to put together a yearly budget for our charitable giving which is presented to the council at the beginning of our fiscal year. Our fiscal year runs from July through June. The majority of the causes we support are determined through our yearly budget and include support for local seminarians, pro-life causes, handicap services, humanitarian support as well as local parish events. We typically allocate a smaller portion of our budget for ad hoc requests that may come up for consideration throughout the year. Requests can be submitted by anyone and is not limited to council members. Please use this form if you would like to submit a request, idea or project that you think we should evaluate.

Requests are evaluated by our funding committee and discussed at the next regular officers meeting. Our focus is to determine how well a request fits in with the principals of the Knights and how we can best leverage our council members or activities to help a worthy cause. If the cause is approved by the leadership, funding levels are determined as well as a recommendation to the full council. All ad hoc expenditures must be presented at a council meeting for a vote by the membership. Please understand that this process can take a few months and we do not have a fast track process for our funding request process.