Our Council

Our council of the Knights of Columbus council was founded in 1993 and represents the parish of the Church of the Nativity in Leawood, KS. The Church of the Nativity is located at 3800 West 119th Street, Leawood, KS 66209. The Parish Office phone number is (913) 491-5017.

Our council has approximately 200 members and the current officers are displayed below. We are a very active council and can always use a few more good men to help us with the many activities we undertake throughout the year. If you would like to get involved with our council, please use the Contact page or show up to one of our scheduled events or meetings and ask a fellow Knight for details.

Fund Raising Efforts

  • Pancake Breakfasts / BBQ Dinners: Several per year with proceeds benefiting our general fund.
  • Roses for Life: Every January with proceeds benefiting pro-life causes.
  • Lenten Fish Fry's: 6 weeks during Lent with proceeds benefiting our general fund.
  • Football Raffle: 17 week profession football lottery raffle with proceeds benefiting our general fund.
  • Tootsie Roll Drive: Every October with proceeds benefiting the mentally challenged.

What We Support

  • Seminarians: One of the core principals of the Knights is to support the Church. Encouraging and supporting those considering the Priesthood and those attending a seminary is vital. Our council currently supports local seminarians with prayers and financial help of approximately $14,000.00 per year with direct payments of $500.00 - $1,000.00 per seminarian per year.
  • Local Church: Aside from the community building activities of our fish fry's, smoked BBQ Dinners and breakfasts, we actively try to support the major events that happen at the Church of the Nativity. We regularly work with other parish organizations and the parish administration to help sponsor, coordinate or fund special events throughout the year like an ordination reception, the Fall Festival, Breakfast with Santa, alter server training, set up and maintenance of the Nativity Scene, as well as our own Free Throw Competition.
  • Community: Our council's annual Tootsie Roll drive raises money for children with mental disabilities. Eighty percent of the money raised stays local, which allows us to donate to the Lake Mary Center in Paola, KS. Our council's annual Roses for Life drive raises money for pro-life causes and all the money raised goes to local pro-life organizations. We also participate in the St Mary's Food Kitchen by hosting a BBQ meal during the month of August.

Funding Requests

Our main funding requests come from our membership or our Parish with the majority of our charitable giving being allocated with our yearly budget. If you would like to submit a funding request idea for our consideration, please use our funding request form.

2018-2019 Officers

Grand Knight      Gene Zwolinski     913-827-8014
DG Knight         Bob Vedder         913-645-4215
Chancellor        Gary Roethle       913-304-9176
Recorder          Mark Mason         316-648-6101
Treasurer         Brett Schnake      816-210-1119
Advocate          David Didde        913-486-3015
Warden            Kirk Kinsinger     913-687-6347
Inside Guard      Vito Carabetta     913-558-6969
Outside Guard     Larry Brockhaus    913-491-0982
Fin Sec (A)       Tim Kane           913-544-8385
Lecturer (A)      
1 Yr Trustee      Mike Gorman        816-896-2283
2 Yr Trustee      Tom Fowler         913-231-0688
3 Yr Trustee      Craig Smith        913-706-0650
Chaplain (A)      Fr Mike Hawken     913-491-5017

(A) = Appointed

2018-2019 Service/Program Personnel

Membership Dir    Bob Vedder         913-645-4215
Recruitment       Toby Boschert      816-591-2917
Recruitment       Jerry Raggett      913-638-8910
Retention         Mark Mason         316-648-6101
Program Dir       David Didde        913-486-3015
Faith Dir         
Family Dir        John Sesti         913-653-3664
Community Dir     Rod Carson         913-638-4834
Life Dir          Mike Bartkoski     913-909-4519
Public Rel        

Insurance Contact

David Soukup  david.soukup@kofc.org  913-240-4545

How do I join?

If you would like to join our Church of the Nativity council of the Knights of Columbus, the initial process is done online at knights.net and clicking JOIN to fill out the registration form and paying the $30 current calendar year eMember dues. To ensure we get notified properly from Supreme, please include our local council #11067 and our membership director's member number (see images below or here) during the signup process. (If there is a specific council member solely responsible for you joining, please contact us and we can email you their member number prior to registering.)

Once you have registered, we will contact you to schedule a first degree ceremony to attend and this will allow you to transfer into our council. The first degree ceremonies are normally scheduled during our regular monthly council meetings. Our local membership contact is Gene Zwolinski and his phone number is 913-827-8014.


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