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2016 Seminarian Support

posted Apr 5, 2017, 6:51 PM by KofC Nativity   [ updated Apr 12, 2017, 4:10 PM ]
The Knights are proud to support the following Seminarians and Brothers and Sisters in formation.

NAMEAffiliationStatus of FormationLocationGrantComments
Spencer LorenzArch LATheology IVST Pats in Menlo$500 Former Parishioner
Justin Hamilton *Arch KCTheology IVMundelein$500 st Joseph Topeka
Ben Rodgers*Arch KCCollege IVConception$500 MPH, Topeka
Sebastion Scholl*Arch KCCollege IICardinal Glennon $1,000
Dean Wheeler*Arch KCCollege IvCardinal Glennon$1,000 Grandparents in Nativity
Joe Heschmeyer *Arch KCTheology IIINAC ROME$1,000 Nativity parishioner
Carter Zielinski *Arch KCTheology IIINAC ROME$1,000 Nativity parishioner
Cruz Gallegos *Arch KCCollegeIIIConception$1,000 Cousin to Ken Lopez
Viet Nguyen*Arch KCTheology IIIMundelein$1,000 Cure of ARS
Michael Schreck *Arch KCCollegeIVConception$1,000 Nativity Parishioner
Ryan Dennihan (Br.John)Bethlehem Monks(?)Novicemonastery Assumption$500 Nativity Parishioner
Br. Luke TurnerOSBAtchison BenedictineTheology IST. Meinrads$500 monk of Abbey
Travis Mecum*Arch KCTheology IJohn XXIII National Sem$1,000
Joel Haug AVI *Apostle of Interior Life (AVI)Theology IIKenrick$1,000 Overland park, Ks
Anne Marie laville*IHM Whichita (Sr. M Therese)NoviceIHM Convent$500
ANN Marie Whitehead *Servadoras (Sr. Sacrifice)First vowsJumiorette House $500 Nativity Parishioner
James HalpinAVICandidateDonnely$500
Zachary HarrisAVICandidateDonnely$500
Zachary WatsonAVICandidateDonnely$500
Helena SchnakeLittle Sisters of LambPostulantLittle Sisters Conv ent$500 Niece Of Brett Schnacke
* indicates supported in 2015
Total Budget $14000KC Supreme gives 20% rebate Rebate $2800$14,000