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Google Help

The Nativity Knight's web site is hosted by Google. Most our our web site visible to the public, however the "Members Area" of the site may have links to information that will require a free Google Account in order to be able to view, upload or edit some of the content. This allows us to freely share internal council information without having to make it publicly available to everyone on the internet and hopefully out of the hands of phishers, spammers and other internet trolls.

The private content is shared with the email address list we have of all the members of our council. To access some of this private content, you will be asked to sign in with an email address and password similar to the one at this link. You will need a Google account associated with the email address you provided to the council in order to access these documents. The main types of Google accounts are below.

The 2 types of Google Accounts

  1. (Regular Google Account) The easiest way is to create a regular Google Account with the email address you currently use to send and receive email. This will give you access to all the Google product we use like sites, online documents, spreadsheets, calendars, photos and groups. It is a fairly easy process (click here for instructions) and if you ever need to reset your password it can easily be done by receiving an email to the email address that you use everyday.
  2. (Regular Google Account with Gmail) Some people choose to add a Gmail or Google Mail to their Google Account. Google offers great web based email and huge amounts of storage, but Gmail is not required to use the Google products we use like the sites, online documents, spreadsheets, calendars, photos and groups. I don't recommend adding a Gmail account unless you are considering switching email providers as it is not always easy managing several email accounts at one time. If your Gmail address is not your primary email address, then you will need to provide us with your Gmail address or add your other email addresses as alternate addresses for your Gmail account.